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Control ZeroTM

100% Formaldehyde Free Hair Straightener

Control Zero™ is Made in the USA. Unlike so-called “Brazilian” products, all Anevolve products are made in a factory licensed and inspected by the State of Florida Department of Health. You get what you pay for and only what you pay for.

The Control Zero straightening system is sold only to professional salons and licensed stylists.

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Works on any kind of hair, even super curly.


Actually straightens the hair - primary protein bond is safely opened for styling.


Lasts up to 5 months.– not just a smoother or a deep conditioner that only lasts for a few washings.


Cynectin™ multi-keratin proteins makes even over-processed hair strong,                      supple and beautiful.

Your Right to Know

The pages that follow have been written with an eye toward those stylists, salon owners and consumers who want to get more facts about Anevolve, formaldehyde-free straightening using Control Zero, and the composition of Cynectin brand proteins.

The Almost Unregulated US Market
Americans are often shocked to learn that the US cosmetic market is among the LEAST regulated in the world. The FDA regulates those cosmetic products containing SPF and OSHA only regulates workplace safety. With a few exceptions (California, Oregon and Connecticut, for example), the states have little or no regulation.
1000+ chemicals are banned or limited in the European Union, Canada and elsewhere versus only a dozen or so currently banned in the United States.
The EU requires standardized labeling; US cosmetic ingredients are often labeled outside standard scientific or common usage so that dangerous ingredients (like formaldehyde) are hidden from the buyer.

What is Anevolve

Anevolve is licensed by the State of Florida Department of Health Division of Medical Quality Assurance to produce these products. Anevolve follows good manufacturing processes and only purchases raw materials from accredited US sources that provide a chemical certificate of analysis proving the purity and quality of each ingredient. Anevolve products are unconditionally guaranteed.

The end product is beautiful hair for our clients, but we are especially concerned about issues of safety and the well-being of consumers and the stylists who sell our products. Anevolve products are boutique made and the people who make them also use them.


““So many companies out there have been lying to us stylists. So, when I found Control Zero, I needed to prove it to myself that they were telling the truth about their ingredients and that the product worked. ... I contacted every stylist I could find who was using Control Zero to see if they liked it before I tried it. Well, they all loved it ...”


-Tanisha Petty, HairTrendz Salon, Houston, TX