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A Simple Commitment to the Truth

Your Right to Know

The information that follows has been written with an eye toward those stylists, salon owners and consumers who want to get more facts about Anevolve, formaldehyde-free straightening using Control Zero, the composition of Cynectin brand proteins and updates about the controversy involving the mislabeling of so-called “Brazilian” keratin products.

The safe transition back to beautiful, healthy hair is our goal.

The Anevolve approach to hair care is that each of our products is part of a system designed to make hair beautiful, healthy and manageable. We believe that healthy hair is by definition strong, vibrant, and beautiful, and that this definition applies as much to the hair of seniors as it does to that of children.



The primary keratin structure in hair is called alpha-keratin. More than 25 variations of alpha-keratin are found in human cells. The main protein in the
                                                                                     hair (about 20%) is cysteine.


Long strands of keratin form a thicker coil with the alpha-keratin stands braided together, giving hair its long structure.


The coils are twisted around each other and make long braided filaments (the same way that rope is made).


Hair also gets strength from interactions between the strands. Alpha-keratin polypeptides form strong disulfide bonds or bridges. Control Zero Straightening Gel gently breaks these disulfide bonds. The hair is then styled (straightened or curled) and the bonds slowly reform as the Cynectin Keratin Protein Essence Masque strengthens, beautifies and revitalizes the newly restyled strands.

Cynectin™ is a blend of keratin proteins from a variety of natural sources that are especially rich in cysteine and have the same long fibrous structure that you see in the hair images above. In fact, Cynectin proteins are almost identical to those found in your hair.

BKT treatments that claim to contain keratin often use only what are called “hydrolyzed” keratins, usually treated cow hooves, feathers or other slaughterhouse waste. While the application of wool-based hydrolyzed keratin to hair has proven to be beneficial, production reduces the proteins to a kind of un-natural “confetti”, far less effective than the newly developed long filament strands (intermediate filament proteins) and vegetable proteins which characterize Cynectin. Proteins from a wide variety of natural sources make up Cynectin, and all of them are derived from organic materials. No animal is ever harmed in the production of Cynectin, which is guaranteed to be both the world’s finest multi-protein keratin and CRUELTY FREE.

““What you see is what you get.Every Anevolve product contains what the label or the MSDS says that it contains – nothing more and nothing less. Every Anevolve product is made under good manufacturing conditions, using components accompanied by a CAS certification. Every Anevolve product is made in the USA in a health department licensed facility. Every Anevolve product is unconditionally guaranteed to perform as promised. If you are unhappy for any reason, return it to us for a full refund or replacement. Every Anevolve product is made with your safety in mind – consumers and stylists matter to us.”


“My wife actually found Anevolve’s Control Zero because we were looking for a formaldehyde-free alternative that really works for our salon because stylists and clients were complaining about the smells and fumes from Brazilian treatments. We wanted to be able to offer our clients a safe alternative that could be used effectively on all people, even if they’re pregnant, nursing, children, cancer survivors or any ethnicity. More than ever, our stylists and clients are concerned about using healthy products, especially if they can get the same great results.”

Bruce Marks, Last Tangle Salon, Washington, DC

“So many companies out there have been lying to us stylists. So, when I found Control Zero, I needed to prove it to myself that they were telling the truth about their ingredients and that the product worked. ... I contacted every stylist I could find who was using Control Zero to see if they liked it before I tried it. Well, they all loved it ...”

Tanisha Petty, Hair Trendz Salon, Houston, TX